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Roseanne Milman

rmI am currently a Clinical Psychology Masters student at Teacher’s College, Columbia University. I am also a preschool teacher in an early learning center. My interest in psychology comes from my 3 years experience working as a paraprofessional in an Early Intervention program. I am primarily interested in the ways that technology and other mediums could help with communication barriers with non-verbal children. My ultimate goal after my master’s is to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology concentrating on early childhood. As a part of the Technology in Transitions Group, I was involved in establishing interrater reliability and assisted with coding comments that were posted on the blog.


Catherine Sanchez

20160915_220148I will begin my final semester at Hunter College in the Fall of 2016 and will be completing my bachelor’s in Psychology. My interest  in psychology comes from psychology classes that I took in college. I am primarily  interested in developmental psychology. In the near future, I’m going to pursue my masters. With the Technology in Transitions Group, I established interrater reliability and  coded over 300 student comments. We found that students used the blog network  to write mostly supportive comments. I’m also currently doing an internship at the NYU Playlab.


Lauren Mishkin

lmI am a senior at Hunter College where I’ll receive my bachelor’s in psychology. I am primarily interested in child abuse and trauma and how it correlates with mental illness, as well as intersectionality and gender studies. I am currently working with the clinical team at a residential treatment center for adults with dual diagnoses of developmental disability and mental illness. In the Technology in Transitions Group, I helped write up the results for a Society of Research on Child Development (SRCD) Conference proposal. After graduating I plan to pursue my PhD in clinical psychology.

Kozue Sano

ks I’m an international student from Japan. I received my B.A. in Psychology at Hunter College and I will continue my Master in Clinical Psychology in Japan. My interest in psychology was first in abnormal psychology (mental illness); therefore, I would like to pursue a career toward becoming a mental health counselor. With the Technology in Transitions Group, I established what percent of comments were made by students and by the TA’s/ I also would like to see how first year college students of different ethnicities express their transition narratives.

Giselle Salazar

gsI am currently a senior at Hunter College and will be obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and German. During my last year of High School, I was introduced to Psychology and decided to learn more about our brain’s functions and our behaviors. I plan to pursue my master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

Keane Wong

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